There is a new top dog in Carbon CPU performance - the 5975WX Threadripper Pro

But beware .... see more here -


21st July 2022, Congratulations to SideFX for releasing Houdini 19.5.

We're excited for all of the new features and are happy to announce that our Houdini plugins are available for Houdini 19.5.303 already.

Have fun making characters more believable in Houdini 19.5.

31st March 2022, Congratulations to Autodesk on their release of the fantastic Maya 2023.

We are excited to announce that the Carbon Cloth For Maya 2023 builds are ready as well.

Have fun making characters more believable in Maya 2023.




30th March 2022 - Moon Knight Premiered on Disney+ Congratulations to MARZ VFX for their work on the Mr. Moon Knight's cape.


February 2022 - LongOps contract awarded to Generic Robotics and Numerion for Phase One of "LongOps Next Generation Digital Mock Up".

LongOps is a £12M UK-Japanese robotics project to develop robotic capability that will support delivery of faster and safer decommissioning at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan, and Sellafield and the JET fusion reactor in the UK.

30th Dec 2021 Congrats to our friends at Urban Heat, Carbon has found its way into the music industry, for music videos.

The main character “Alta B” (appears @ 1:03) is fully virtual and her purple jumpsuit is almost exclusively simulated with Carbon:


Here is a behind the scenes:


15th December 2021 - Congratulations to Digital Domain for their VFX contribution to the amazing 

SPIDER-MAN No Way Home. Great to see Carbon helping to create blockbuster movies.

November 2021 - Congratulations to Generic Robotics for winning the LongOps contract for the "Development, supply, install, commissioning of a haptic training simulator system" We look forward to supporting the project with Carbon.