7th April 2017. We joined the team at Imaginarium for a day of fun (and work) at their Mocap studio in London. Together we are working on an Innovate UK supported "Total Capture" project with University of Surrey.

The main goal of today's session was to obtain raw and processed mocap data, which will allow us to test our up-and-coming dynamics animation playback in various scenarios. We were especially interested in situations where existing motion capture systems struggle, such as occlusion, collision and multiple interacting characters. While current solutions fail to achieve continuity and correctness of skeletal characters in such cases, the introduction of Carbon physics guarantees robustness and physically correct behavior.

Our software and the overall project, which will end later this year, are progressing very well and we are excited to be "making characters more believable" with our ever-expanding product line.

More updates in the coming months...