Advanced features

The Carbon Morph node can be used to create a deformable skin for a character. This can be helpful in many situations from pinch mitigation under the armpits and between the legs, to deforming the points on a dinosaur head while the hand strokes over them, to deforming the belly of a creature when pressed by the arms and legs, to squash and stretch of a character's body. Of course it can be utilized in other situations as well, such as deforming the ground when something lands on it.

The Carbon Morph is a hybrid between a Collider and a Cloth. It relies on a goal skin that must be painted to decide which part is kinematic (static or animated) or dynamic (simulated). By being able to skin nodes to a Goal Pose and smoothly animate the nodal status from dynamic to kinematic, it is possible to avoid over constraining cases, such as pinching under the arms or other non-solvable configurations.


Character Deformation

There are many situations in which characters' body parts have to be deformed. Turning a body into a Carbon Morph and painting only certain areas to be deformable is much faster and more realistic than hand-animating deformations.  



Pinch Mitigation and Animation Clean-up

Animation geometry sometimes contains intersecting regions. This can be a problem when cloth gets pinched between the intersecting regions. The result of such a situation is most likely cloth geometry corruption, unwanted cloth behavior, or in extreme cases blowing up of the cloth geometry. Turning an animation into a Morph allows the character skin to deform and thus create space for the cloth to simulate correctly, instead of being corrupted.  





Two examples for Cloth pinched between two Collider objects (left) versus Cloth pinched between two Morph objects (right).


Tools like Carbon Collider collision analysis, visualize areas where pinching happens during an animation and provides data to help set up a Carbon Morph.


Carbon Collider collision analysis visualization.


Below is an example of the left armpit / shoulder blade animation with Carbon Collider versus applying a Carbon Morph. The Morph not only corrects self-intersecting geometry, but also opens up the possibility to simulate garments in the armpit and otherwise would be pinched and corrupted.


Carbon Collider (left) versus Carbon Morph (right).

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