Here are some examples of Carbon being used in Fashion projects. Unfortunately the best ones we are not allowed to show or discuss. Even the fashion houses do not want customers to know that the garments on their website are virtual not real.


Scarves simulated with Carbon - at Piccadilly Circus in London.


Change Of Paradigm

In cooperation with Change of Paradigm, garments designed by and for the fashion industry can be simulated realistically before a single piece of fabric has to be cut. This approach does not only save time and money but takes zero-prototyping to a whole new level.

Boudicca dress simulated with Carbon Cloth.


Some tests we are carrying out with different fabrics.
Capturing virtual and real fabric response.

Poplin fabric

Silk satin fabric


Denim without textures

No matter if you need to fabric simulation for animated characters, fashion, or architecture, Carbon has got the right tool for every application.