Carbon N-Lattice is the go-to solution for fur simulations as it effortlessly integrates with existing fur setups in Houdini.

The following example videos illustrate some features of Carbon fur simulations.


The long strands of fur are attached to a rotating tube and hit a cylindrical obstacle. Even for such fast movement, the collision between strands and the collider is resolved accurately and without corruption or breaking of any geometry.


Fur and grass are often very similar. Watch how the grass recovers once the rigid bodies have rolled through it.


This example shows fur on a sphere that is exposed to upward moving wind. It exemplifies how N-Lattice is fully integrated with flow fields in Houdini.


This demonstrates how robust and versatile Carbon simulation is. Fur is placed on a deformable body that interacts with the environment (squeezing torus). This can be used for scenes where clothing is put on a hairy creature, for example. Carbon does not need tricks or tedious post-processing as it reliably handles even such highly-constrained setups.


For more information on the N-Lattice requirements check out Carbon N-Lattice Overview.


Integration with Houdini Fur Tools

Artists can utilize Houdini’s integrated fur and hair tools to create the guide hairs.

After that, all that is needed is to convert the guides (NURB curves) to lattice geometry for the Carbon simulation and then afterwards back to curves for further hair generation.

There are some examples in the docs using Houdini guides to drive N-Lattice https://carbon0920h.numerion-software.com/examples.html
Fur Shaggy Tube and Fur Morph Squeeze both use Houdini guides as input.

Contact us for an example pair of Houdini Python nodes to convert between Houdini fur geometry (NURB curves) and lattice geometry used by the Carbon N-Lattice node.

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