Lattice Plumage

As mentioned in Carbon N-Lattice Overview, the Carbon N-Lattice node can also be used for plumage, instead of working with a Carbon Plumage


N-Lattice Vs Plumage

This section explains the differences between the two approaches and how to decide which one is most suitable for a specific plumage application.

First of all, Carbon Plumage works with soft and hard feathers, while N-Lattice only supports lattice simulations that can be used for soft feathers.

For soft and hard plumage, we only require the user to specify 1 to 3 base feathers and the system then interpolates between these to generate the individual feathers in a procedural manner. Our target for the soft and hard plumage was to provide a fast and easy way to create and simulate feathers on creatures. This feature is perfect for applications where smaller creatures or a large amount of creatures have to be created fast, removing the need for artists to place and deform each feather individually, therefore cutting production time and cost.

On the other hand, creating plumages with N-Lattice is most suited for hero-creatures, which usually come with a whole set of feathers. These feathers are carefully placed and deformed individually, often manually, in very specific and unique ways. With the feathers having been created by skilled artists, the plumage is ready for simulation without the need for Carbon to procedurally spawn and deform them. N-Lattice directly works with complete sets of lattice feathers within a single geometry to cater to such applications.


Breaking / Losing Feathers

We are also planning on exposing a way to break/lose feathers in the future. This feature will most likely be available in all plumage solutions and be controlled via a painted attribute. Once a feather is detached from the plumage, it will not be re-attachable.


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